18 year old singer-songwriter Anna Rehling has released her debut single ‘Motionless’, which openly talks about mental health, in order to raise awareness for people battling their mind and thoughts.

By using words to paint emotions, mental health struggles and stories, and using painfully honest lyrics, she hopes to bring out the more vulnerable sides to people, so that we can all be more open and genuine with each other. She aspires to contribute to a world where the stigma around mental health does not exist anymore. Lose yourself in the different forms of art, and explore the worlds outside your own. Music heals.

Song-writing is her greatest passion. Having written 125 to date, her song-writing book is just like a journal. ‘Motionless’ was written when she was just 15 years old, after she went through a difficult time, and she hopes it will bring comfort to people.

Recently, she performed with the ‘Nederlands Blazers Ensemble’ on TV, in the New Years Concert on NPO2, allowing her to bring her message across to a bigger audience.

Working with the talented Lo van Gorp (‘Martin & Garp’), who works for artists such as ‘Marco Borsato’, has allowed her to obtain a deeper insight into the music industry. She has worked with her gifted producer, Wiebe Bokma de Boer ('Magnolia leaf'), and they have built a strong musical connection, which is the core to the singles she will be releasing.

She is thrilled to see what the future will hold, and the currently unknown stories she will be telling through her song-writing.